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Bridging the wealth gap, one solution at a time!

We exist to intentionally build Black wealth by addressing the various root causes through our catalytic programming. 

The $25 million net worth challenge 


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Our Progress

With our pilot program, we're on a mission to build $25 Million of sustainable Black net worth.

Check back in July 2021 to see our progress!

How to Join?


You can join our challenge by participating in one of our academies. Currently, you can join our public academy until June 19th, 2021. We plan to open our next public academy in 2022.

If you are a member of a group (University, church, employee resource group, not-for-profit, etc.) your organization can license our program and host a private academy for your members. We provide you with the curriculum, a private online membership community, and data on your group's performance throughout the program.  If you'd like more information click here!

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What is the wealth gap and why does it matter?

"In many ways, the gap between the finances of blacks and whites is still as wide in 2020 as it was in 1968... In the decades since, white wealth has soared while black wealth has stagnated." - Washington Post 6.4.2020

"A close examination of wealth in the U.S. finds evidence of staggering racial disparities. At $171,000, the net worth of a typical white family is nearly ten times greater than that of a Black family ($17,150) in 2016. Gaps in wealth between Black and white households reveal the effects of accumulated inequality and discrimination, as well as differences in power and opportunity that can be traced back to this nation’s inception. The Black-white wealth gap reflects a society that has not and does not afford equality of opportunity to all its citizens." - Brookings 02.27.20

Who's leading the team?


Hi, I'm Rachel Bernier-Green and I'm a recovering accountant turned serial social entrepreneur. I have three degrees in accounting and finance and over a decade of experience in public accounting and financial services. 


I've spent most of the last 15 years mixing my love of finance, community revitalization, and entrepreneurship to create catalytic businesses like 'Laine's Bake Shop and the Economic Justice Academy. 


After rebuilding from a personal medical and financial crises, and seeing the devastation COVID-19 is wreaking on Black families and businesses, I built the Economic Justice Academy so that we can stabilize and soar together. 


Simone Erskine

"The Financial Literacy Foundations presentation was very insightful. The financial tools and strategies that Rachel shares are easy to use and extremely helpful. I have more confidence in managing my personal."

Rebecca Cortés

"Rachel helped me to understand some important facts about banking as a Black person in America. I was empowered to start implementing strategies for the financial security of my family without feeling lost in the world of finance!"

Conchetta Wilcher

"I attended an Economic Justice Academy workshop, it was very informative. I was given several tips to improve and maintain financial stability. I highly recommend this to anyone in need of financial literacy and freedom!"

What can you expect from the Economic Justice Academy?

The first public cohort of the Economic Justice Academy launches on Juneteenth 2021. Organizations can also partner with us to launch private academies for their members. Click here to learn more. Our programs are only available in cohorts to provide group momentum and accountability.

The Academy is a progressive 12-month holistic financial wellness program comprised of a 3 part cycle: Assess, Equip, Implement.

Our programs are racially, historically, and systemically informed. While personal responsibility and discipline are necessary, we do not minimize the compounded systemic effects impacting Black wealth creation. While keeping this broader context in mind, we equip participants to thrive no matter their starting point.

Academy features:

  • Recorded lessons to watch at your pace
  • Live webinars (public & select private academies only) w/ subject experts
  • Moderated & private online/app community to ask questions, find tips, and share your successes
  • Financial tools
  • Book credits
  • Assessments to measure what you've learned and your progress
  • Several levels of action steps so that you can make progress no matter where you are on your journey!!

Doors closing in:









Modules Include:

  • Mastering the Fundamentals: Building your automatic money system
  • Goal Setting
  • Crush Your Debt
  • Credit & Major Purchases (Home, car, student loans)
  • Wealth Building 101 -Cornerstones of Wealth and Investing (includes navigating employee benefits)
  • Emergency Planning & Mitigation
  • Wealth Building 201 - Retirement & Education Planning
  • Income Building
  • Wealth Building 301 - Alternative Investments & Advanced Tactics
  • Wealth Building 401 - Achieving Financial Feedom
  • Wealth Building 501 - Financial Legacy



Holistic Approach

We know that changing habits isn't as easy as snapping your fingers. We'll provide you with the tools to examine your current relationship with money and build an improved money mindset.

Money issues don't happen in a silo. It's important to understand how history and current events shape our financial status. Once we understand the broader context we can make stronger decisions for our future.


  • An automated financial system that helps you progress towards YOUR goals!
  • Improved net worth, financial confidence, and habits.
  • A quarterly scorecard that measures holistic financial health.
  • The ability to select and vet financial professionals to help you meet your goals.
  • Certification & loan package supplement upon completion.
  • Heightened financial acumen.

What you won't  see in the EJA

  • Get rich quick schemes or "investments"
  • We won't sell you a dream. You won't get rich overnight, but you can begin to work toward financial freedom.
  • Shame based programming or gaslighting. 



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Need a scholarship?

If you are unable to cover the program cost, a small number of need-based scholarships are available. Please complete this application to be considered. 

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